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Proving Grounds #7



*NOTE: Only Sunday the 31st!

Greeting Dirty Bombers,

Heads up scrubs! The world isn’t wide enough for the two of us!

Make way for the underdogs in Proving Grounds #7! It’s time for them to duel it out to become the greatest team in the world.

But stand back you big dogs! You’ll get your chance to tackle this fresh meat some other time.



  • 1st place: 30k credits, 1 Elite Case A+B
  • 2nd place: 25k credits, 1 Elite Case B
  • 3rd place: 20k credits, 2 Expert Cases
  • 4th place: 15k credits, 1 Expert Case



On the 31st of July we will be hosting a double elimination bo3 tournament.


That means that we’ll be prohibiting certain teams/competitors from participating. The following list is generated from DBN performance from the Open Cups performances:

  • fE
  • SoloQ
  • Run and Pack
  • t>
  • wimpy
  • LPS
  • d92
  • HERO
  • BROP

The players on these teams will be unable to participate, substitute, or partake in the Proving Grounds events.

It’s important that the players of these teams also realize that we’re not forgetting about you! With this separation we’re trying to give the newcomers room to move, play, and compete. But let’s not forget that your dedication to the game, drive to win, and passion are what drive the community, and your understanding of this ruling and this particular list is greatly appreciated.



The event will start at:

10am PDT

1pm EDT

6pm BST

7pm CEST

Tournament Rules

Sign up with your team HERE


All players are responsible for knowing all rules at any given time!


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