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Halloween Spooky Cup


Spooky Greetings Dirty Bombers,

Halloween is coming! Trick or treat?

KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK, here we come! … BOOOOO!


On Saturday the 29th we will be hosting this special Cup for you!

Single Elimination – max 8 teams

1st round:

  • bo1 – execution mode

2nd round:

  • bo3 – stopwatch mode
  • Default loadouts only

3rd round:

  • bo3 – execution mode
  • Michael Myers style: Team picks one member who has the honour to represent the whole team with a shotgun.
  • Enemy team – knife only. So basically 5 v 1

4th round:

  • bo5 – stopwatch mode
  • For each map, teams must select ONE merc they will ALL play (10 Rhinos?!? :O)?
  • Winner of knifing round starts picking Merc and side.
  • Maps are preselected as follow: Underground – Chapel – Dome – Bridge – Trainyard


Prizes: TBA



10am PDT

1pm EDT

6pm BST

7pm CET


Sign up with your team HERE!


All players are responsible for knowing all rules at any given time!

Tournament Rules


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