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Halloween #PaintDirty Contest Winners

Greeting Dirty Bombers,

We are proud to announce our winners for the Halloween #PaintDirty Contest.

We´ve been overwhelmed by so many fantastic entries. After several elimination rounds where we carefully judged each artwork individually, we ended up with the 17 best entries that made it into the finals.

We spent several hours of painstakingly looking at every little detail and comparing each of those entries for their DirtyBomb & halloween factor, originality, execution and skill that was put into them.

Even after many hours of carefully judging all of your artworks, it was still really really hard for us to pick 3 winners out of almost 100 entries because there were SO many great ones!

This contest was truly a showdown of true talent.

You guys made us weep of laughter with some very creative and funny ideas, and made us cry of the sheer beauty, effort and skill that was put into some of the artworks.


1st place: Chenap – Down and Dirty Starter Pack + 2 Elite Cases A+B + 1 Cobalt loadout of choice




2nd place: DryDoctorEgg – 2 Elite Cases A+B + Merc code of their choice + 20k credits + 1 Gold loadout of choice




3rd place: ScalieBite – 1 Elite Case A+B + Merc code of their choice + 10k credits + 1 Silver loadout of choice



Congratulations to our winners!




This one has a special place in our heart! Thank you very much for your entry Platinumfox22




And thank you too Grimmloe for this awesome piece of art!



We wish we could post every single img here because they are all SO fantastic!!!

For those who didn´t win this time, don´t worry! X-mas is already knocking at our doors.

So keep your eyes open for the next #PaintDirty Contest.

Thank you so much for participating 😉

Happy painting my friends and see you next time!


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