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Open Cup #9



Greeting Dirty Bombers,

Do you hear that sound? That’s the sound of freedom, victory, and a whole lot of frags.

Join us for as Dirty Bomb teams from around the world face off head to head in DBNation’s Open Cup #9.

Let’s get a move on! That trophy aint gonna win itself!


  • 1st place: 45k credits, 2 Elite Cases A+B
  • 2nd place: 40k credits, 1 Elite Cases A+B
  • 3rd place: 35k credits, 1 Elite Case A
  • 4th place: 30k credits, 1 Elite Case B


Because we are unable to split this event into different regions, NA teams that have 2 or more West Coast players, all matches for that round will be played on an East Coast server. This will be done in order to level the playing field for all regions on all matches, as well as give the opportunity for all players to participate in this event.

On Saturday and Sunday the 19th and 20th of November we will be hosting our Open Cup #9 double elimination bo1 event.

Special Rules: Each merc ban counts for both teams.


Saturday and Sunday the 19th and 20th of November

9am PST

12pm EST

5pm UTC

6pm CET


Tournament Rules

Sign up with your team HERE

All players are responsible for knowing all rules at any given time!

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