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DBNation New Year´s Cup – 28th and 29th of January


Greetings Dirty Bombers,

FUCK 2016! HELLO SWEET 2017!

Looking for a challenge? Ready to start the year with a BANG?

If so, the DBNation New Years Cup, in all its glory, is inviting you to test your mettle against the best.

Come to a place where frags, airstrikes and turrets await around every corner!

Fight your way through the gruelling brackets, blow up objectives, or team kill your friends, it’s all up to you! We’ll be waiting……

Oh yeah and Happy New Year SCRUBS, we wish you all the best, love and #playdirty in the coming year!



  • 1st place: SD Shirt – Cobalt loadout of choice – 3 Elite Cases A+B – 50k credits
  • 2nd place: Chicken Trinket – Gold loadout of choice – 2 Elite Cases A+B – 45k credits
  • 3rd place: Silver loadout of choice – 1 Elite Case A+B – 40k credits
  • 4th place: Bronze loadout of choice – 1 Elite Case A+B – 35k credits


Because we are unable to split this event into different regions, NA teams that have 2 or more West Coast players, all matches for that round will be played on an East Coast server.

This will be done in order to level the playing field for all regions on all matches, as well as give the opportunity for all players to participate in this event.


On Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th of January we will be hosting our New Year´s Cup (double elimination bo1 event).



Saturday and Sunday the 28th and 29th of January

9am PST

12pm EST

5pm UTC

6pm CET


Sign up with your team HERE!


Tournament Rules
All players are responsible for knowing all rules at any given time!



5 thoughts on “DBNation New Year´s Cup – 28th and 29th of January

  1. Im looking 4 a team to join

  2. Looking for a team here!
    Level 49
    Add me on steam

  3. Looking for a team
    lv 45 ( mid-high skill )
    Steam :

    1. you can contact x3on on the dbn discord too. then he will list your details in the channel for that 🙂

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