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#PaintBunny Easter Contest

Greeting Dirty Bombers,

DBNation is pleased to announce our #PaintBunny Easter contest!

It is that time of the year again when the Coaly Bunny leaves their meadow to deliver lil’ eggs of ~~death~~ sweets and another #PaintBunny Easter Conest.

Despite the theme, worry not as hippity hopping and drawing gets more time than
three days to be allowed to flourish and rise.


  • The merc himself/herself should be masqueraded, not only the backround
  • Either you draw/paint a merc, or use a program like Photoshop
  • Must be your own work
  • Only 1 entry per player
  • Your entry has to be submitted as a comment in this Reddit thread


Prizes: TBA



Entries will be judged on:

  • creativity – 60%
  • execution – 20%
  • skill – 20%


Entries must be submitted before 12:00pm, Tuesday the 18th BST of April. Winners will be announced til the 23rd of April.


We don´t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.

So let your visions become real, wash the brush and just beat the devil out of it.

Happy painting my friend and good luck!


DBNation Team

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