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DBNation Open Cup #14 – Single Elimination

Greeting Dirty Bombers,

We are going to kick off this year with a bloody fantastic Open Cup.

Come to a place where frags, airstrikes and turrets await around every corner!

Fight your way through the gruelling brackets, blow up objectives, or team kill your friends, it’s all up to you! We’ll be waiting……


  • 1st Place: 2.500 Ranked Points, 3 Unlocked KMA Cases
  • 2nd Place: 1.600 Ranked Points, 2 Unlocked KMA Cases
  • 3rd Place: 1.000 Ranked Points, 1 Unlocked KMA Cases
  • 4th Place: 600 Ranked Points

*Players should recieve their prizes within 2 weeks*

Sign-Ups will end 2 hours prior to event start time

Please note that all roster changes after the sign up deadline must be discussed with one of the DBN Admins. It´s not enough to just discuss it with the opponent team!


Because we are unable to split this event into different regions, NA teams that have 2 or more West Coast players, all matches for that round will be played on an East Coast server.

This will be done in order to level the playing field for all regions on all matches, as well as give the opportunity for all players to participate in this event.


On Saturday we will be hosting a single elimination bo3 (>8 Teams sign up = bo1/bo3) tournament.


Pls note:

  • 2 Merc bans for each team! Only one merc ban out of each category per team ( it is not possible for a team to ban 2 medics)
    • Example: Team A bans Aura, so they are not allowed to ban another medic. Team A goes for Aura and Fletcher
    • Team B bans Sparks and Bushwacker
  • 2.7 Teams are allowed 2 pauses per half of a map for any reason of 90 seconds per pause (Match will be unpaused regardless). Unexpected server disconnections will not count against your pause amount or timer, unless deemed otherwise by DBNation Administration.
  • Map pool will be added. Pls check discord for the map pool straw poll
  • Higher seeded team will ban first map, lower seeded team will ban a map – Higher seeded team will pick a map, lower seeded team will pick a map.



The event will start at:

9am PST

12pm EST

5pm UTC

6pm CET


Sign up with your team HERE!

*Sign up ends Saturday the 3rd of February at 4pm CET / 3pm UTC / 10am EST / 7am PST*


Tournament Rules


All players are responsible for knowing all rules at any given time!






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