DBNation Rule Set

International Stopwatch Rules

(0.1) Disclaimer

  • 0.1.1 DBNation (DBN) reserves the right to overturn matches, adjust results, and ban teams or players for any reason at any given time.
  • 0.1.2 Rules and Regulations are subject to change with or without notice
  • 0.1.3 DBNation Administration reserves the right to the final say on any decision made
  • 0.1.4 Team Captains will be used as our main Point of Contact for all events
  • 0.1.5 All players will be held solely responsible for their actions
  • 0.1.6 All players are responsible for knowing all rules at any given time

Due to the fact that this is an international event, it’s important to understand that seeding, map, and server choice will be controlled by the following system:
Server regions for standard matches will be pre-selected. EU teams will play on EU servers, and NA teams will play on NA servers. If a round is mixed NA and EU, then the highest seed will determine the region. If the highest seed is NA and the lower seed is EU, the first map will be played on NA, and the second on EU.

If a NA team has 2 or more West Coast players, all matches will be played on US East servers.

(0.2) Picking Maps & Sides Example (Best of 3)

This match-up will use EU1 and NA1 servers determined by administration prior to match starting.

Admin: Team A is seeded higher and will ban first.
Admin: Team A ban the first map.
Team A: Trainyard
Admin: Team B ban the second map.
Team B: Chapel
Admin: Team A select a map for game 1.
Team A: Terminal.
Admin: Team B select a map for game 2.
Team B: Underground.
Admin: Team B attack or defend on game 1?
Team B: Defend
Admin: Team A attack or defend on game 2?
Team A: Attack
Admin: Team B, please ban the first merc.
Team B: Aura.
Admin: Team A, please ban the second merc.
Team A: Skyhammer.
Admin: Team B will be Attacking on Underground, with bans on Aura and Skyhammer.

(0.2.1) Map Picking/Banning Example (Best of 1)

This match-up will use EU1 server determined by administration prior to match starting.

Admin: Team A is seeded higher, and will begin the picking/banning process.
Admin: Team A, please ban the first map.
Team A: Bridge.
Admin: Team B, please ban the second map.
Team B: Chapel.
Admin: Team A, please ban the third map.
Team A: Dome.
Admin: Team B, please ban the fourth map.
Team B: Terminal.
Admin: Team A, please ban the fifth and final map.
Team A: Trainyard.
Admin: The map for this game will be Underground. Team B, Attack or Defense on Underground?
Team B: Attack.
Admin: Team B, please ban the first merc.
Team B: Aura.
Admin: Team A, please ban the second merc.
Team A: Skyhammer.
Admin: Team B will be Attacking on Underground, with bans on Aura and Skyhammer.

(0.2.2) Tiebreaker Map Selection (Best of 3)

Admin: The tiebreaker map will be Bridge or Dome (the two remaining, unplayed and unbanned maps). A coin-flip will determine who picks the map/side or server region.
Admin: Team A, heads or tails?
Team A: Tails
Admin: It’s heads, Team B wins.
Admin: Team B, select a map/side or server region.
Team B: Dome/Attack
Admin: Team A, select a server region.
Team A: EU
Admin: We’re moving to EU1 to play on Dome.

(0.3) Draws & Ties

  • 0.3.1. The game logic does consider draws as an outcome. The winner will be determined by who is able to capture the objectives faster or progress farthest into the map.
  • 0.3.2. In the event that neither team is able to complete the first objective (full hold first objective), both teams are given the win (e.g. 1-0 after round one becomes a 2-1 after round 2). If both teams stop at the same place in a map, the map will end in a draw.
  • 0.3.3. If one team is able to capture only the first objective, but the other team is able to capture the first objective and ANY PORTION of the second, they will receive a win for that round. (e.g. 1-0 after round one becomes 2-0 after round 2). This rule is only applicable to tiebreaker rounds

(1.0) Pre-Game Rules

  • 1.0.1 Sign-Ups will end 2 hours prior to event start time
  • 1.0.2 Team check-in starts 1 hour before event start time. During this period, teams are required to have a representative join the DBNation TeamSpeak (ts.dbnation.net) in order to check in their team.
  • 1.0.3 Team Check-Ins will close 30 minutes before the event starts. If teams do not have a representative in our TeamSpeak at that time, they will be dropped out of that specific tournament without chance of playing later on in the same tournament.

(1.1) Server Assignments

  • 1.1.1 First Round Server Assignments will be given approximately 10 minutes before event start time. If a team is not in their assigned servers after this 10 minute window, they will automatically forfeit that map/round.
  • 1.1.2 After the First Round has been completed, server assignments will be given as matches complete. All teams are required to be in their newly designated servers 5 minutes after the assignment is given. If teams fail to join the server within this 5 minute window, they will forfeit the that map/round.
  • 1.1.3 During a round, when players are required to switch server regions from map to map, they will be required to be in their newly designated servers 2 minutes after the assignment is given.
  • 1.1.4 If a team has played more than 3 consecutive Best of 3 matches in a row (Or 5 consecutive Best of 1 matches), they are able to request a 10 minute break before their next match starts. This request will be approved or denied at DBNation Head Administration’s discretion.

(2.0) In-Game Rules

  • 2.1 Maintain professional conduct between teams and DBNation staff, both in-game and before/after events.
  • 2.2 If a team is unable to play, they have 15 minutes after the event start time to find substitute(s), after which the team will be reported as a No-Show.
  • 2.3 Ensure team lineups are set before match start
  • 2.4 Ensure all team members have been registered on the Team Sign-Up thread for the active event
  • 2.5 Ensure Steam name, Clan Tags, and Team Names are clean and not similar to any other team currently signed up for the active event. The difference between names should be clearly distinguishable by other players and Event Staff.
  • 2.6 No duplicate mercs per team (e.g. no double Sawbonez). If this happens during a match, one of the duplicate mercs is required to suicide immediately. When caught by Admins, the game will be paused until the situation is remedied. (Note: This does not count against your pause amount unless deemed otherwise by DBNation Staff)
  • 2.7 Teams are allowed 2 pauses per half of a map for any reason of 90 seconds per pause (Match will be unpaused regardless). Unexpected server disconnections will not count against your pause amount or timer, unless deemed otherwise by DBNation Administration.
  • 2.8 Ensure that a representative from each team is available on the DBNation TeamSpeak (ts.dbnation.net) throughout the duration of the tournament. We use this to communicate server numbers as well as notify teams of any score discrepancies.
  • 2.9 Place your Clan Tag or the name of your team in front of your TeamSpeak name. This helps us expedite the server assigning process.
  • 2.10 Place your Clan Tag in front of your in-game name. This can be done by using the “setclantag” command. For example, to set your clantag to [DBN], the command would be “setclantag DBN”.
  • 2.11 If a team decides to forfeit a match, they will not be permitted to take back the forfeit call. As well, they will forfeit their prizes and be replaced by their opponent of the previous match.
  • 2.12 Account sharing and “smurfing” is strictly forbidden under all circumstances. If caught by a referee, the player will be banned from all events for an allotted amount of time determined by DBNation Administration.
  • 2.13 All players are required to play with the same Steam name as the one listed on the active event sign up thread on the DBNation website
  • 2.14 A maximum of 2 substitutes is allowed on each team. You are allowed to list more than this on your sign-up thread, but you will only be allowed to bring in two per event
  • 2.15 If a team is caught knowingly playing with a smurfing player, they will be banned from all events for a certain period of time, determined by DBNation Administration
  • 2.16 If a team is caught knowingly playing with a cheating player, they will be banned from all future events
  • 2.17 Any use of modded game files, LOD hack configs, or software that allows wallhacks or aimbots is strictly forbidden under all circumstances
  • 2.18 Abusive behavior will not be tolerated
  • 2.19 Rule Violations:
    • 2.19.1 First Rule Violation: Warning
    • 2.19.2 Second Rule Violation: Forfeiture of Map
    • 2.19.3 Third Rule Violation: Forfeiture of Round
    • 2.19.4 Fourth Rule Violation: Forfeiture of Event
  • 2.21 At the end of each Proving Grounds and Open Cup tournament, the winning team will be added to the excluded teams list. Players who played for more than 25% of maps for a given tournament will be added to a team’s exclusion roster for that tournament. If a team is excluded, all players from the team’s exclusion roster will be excluded from future Proving Ground tournaments.
  • 2.22 Any team caught actively playing with a banned merc during any event will result in immediate forfeiture of the current map.
  • 2.23 Players and Substitutes are allowed to play on one team during a specific tournament. Players are permitted to sign up on multiple teams as substitutes, however they are only permitted to play on one (1) team per event.

(3.0) Cheating

  • 3.1 At no point is anyone allowed to take advantage of or abuse any bugs. Any bug abuse is considered cheating and will result in a forfeiture of the active event. As well, console commands that give the player an unfair advantage will be considered bug abuse.
  • 3.2 With the amount of cheating in Dirty Bomb, we understand many players and teams are concerned about individuals who cheat or exploit in our online matches. DBNation will be utilizing a new approach towards handling nefarious individuals. Our overview will revolve around these core principals:
  • 3.3 Spectating
    • 3.3.1 With DBNation, we’ll be utilizing our referees and administrators to spectate every match that we’re able to. Due to the limited amount of staff members that we have, we may be unable to spectate every single match. If we are unable to spectate a specific match, we will give the administrator login information to the team captains. If there is a discrepancy in a match that we are unable to spectate, the match will be counted as a draw. However, if there is a specific match that a team would like reviewed, we will be happy to do so. Please notify a DBNation Administrator on the day of the event.
    • 3.3.2 DBNation respectfully requests that no players, streamers, or teammates spectate any live matches. If you are interested in streaming a live match, please talk to a DBNation Administrator before jumping onto the server.
  • 3.4 Investigating
    • 3.4.1 Players will be required to submit their SteamID with a general investigation of each potential competitor.
    • 3.4.2 VAC bans or Game bans (on games other than Dirty Bomb) on an account for less than 6 months will bar players from participating in DBNation events at this time.
      • Game bans acquired from Dirty Bomb will be permanently barred (banned) from participating in DBNation events for all time.
    • 3.4.3 If a player would wish to keep their profile private, they will need to request an administrator to conduct a review at a scheduled time.
  • 3.5 Recording
    • 3.5.1 DBNation reserves the right to request players to record their game footage at any time. While this is understandably difficult for some, it is an unfortunate requirement in some cases to confirm or deny potential exploiters. This ruling will be handled under a strict case-by-case basis. We also strongly recommend that all players, if able, record (stream/upload VoDs) all of their matches. This is not a requirement, but is strongly recommended.
    • 3.5.2 All players who are asked to record for a specific event are required to upload their point of view after the completion of said event. Team Captains are responsible for sending all recordings to Event Administrators within this 72 hour window. We will only accept a Twitch VOD link or a YouTube link. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a disqualification from said tournament (all prizes/winnings will be forfeited).
    • 3.5.3 During tournaments, persons requesting specific players to record must place their request in the in-game chat, so that it is publicly visible for all players and administrators.
  • 3.6 Accountability
    • 3.6.1 When it comes to creating a team, sometimes you never really know who you’re recruiting. We’re asking that teams be vigilant when it comes to creating rosters. This rule will only be used in strict case-by-case scenarios. Finally, we want to say that it’s important as a community to build trust between each other. DBNation will do it’s best to help keep our competition fair, but it’s up to all of us to ensure that we have fun while trying to do so. If you suspect someone, or if you’ve been wrongly accused, please notify a DBNation Administrator.
    • 3.6.2 If there is a discrepancy in any of the match standings, please contact an Administrator immediately.